Monday, January 23, 2006

Jopeycast #4 with the 5th Pocket-12Rods-Rants-Namm report

gif 37 MB MP3 (click to download) 5thp Hey folks, sorry for the delay. I was experiencing some issues with my podcast host. I am trying out a new server with number 4. Thanks Blip media. My Rant: Why are the recording and publishing industries so slow to get their digital acts together? Cool Internet Site of the Week: PANDORA.COM Cool streaming internet radio that's different from the rest I had a great time hanging out with Hodges of the 5th Pocket. Hi unique set up and technique make for some exciting drumming. Check these guys out every Thursday at the Harp. Do it Do it Do it. Bands you really SHOULD know: 12rods I miss you Rods My good friend Bob shares his thoughts on NAMM.